Big Data Research @ Berlin Buzzwords 2015

Hello all,

Berlin Buzzwords (31 May – 3 June) is one of the most exciting conference on storing, processing and searching large amounts of data, so we are proudly that two members of our team, Ema Iancuta and Radu Chilom will be on stage with one of the most interesting presentations: “In-memory data pipeline and warehouse at scale using Spark, Spark SQL, Tachyon and Parquet”.

During the presentation they will showcase the strengths of all those open source technologies and will share the lessons learned while using them for building an in-memory data pipeline (data ingestion and transformation) and a data warehouse for interactive querying of the in-memory datasets.

Moreover, they will provide demos with the latest features of two projects where they act as main committers:  Spark Job Rest ( and Http Spark SQL REST (

So, if you are nearby don’t miss the chance to learn great things !

Later edit: If you’ve missed the presentation take a look at the presentation video . The demo code can be found on the github project in memory pipeline demo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 18.39.49



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