Big Data Research Team @ DevTalks & Big Data Meetup Bucharest

Hello all,

Good news ! This week all the Big Data Research team will be in Bucharest for two important events DevTalks and Big Data Meetup ( Romanian Tour ), so if you want to get in touch with us do not miss this chance !

Thursday (June 11) you can meet at DevTalks Alexandru, where he will talk about scaling big data pipelines. Friday (June 12) the entire day will be full of activities starting with the training “Spark and Hadoop Intro” ( 4h ) co-hosted by Andrei, at 1 pm.

On the afternoon – 6:10 pm – Alexandru will give a presentation  “Neural Networks in Machine Learning”  where you can learn what are the neural networks starting from the simple perceptron model to deep learning models. Ema and Radu will end the evening – 8:00 pm – with a live demo of how to build an in-memory data pipeline and data warehouse from a web console with architectural guidelines and lessons learned – “In-memory data pipeline and warehouse at scale using Spark, Spark SQL, Tachyon & Parquet” .

See you there !

Big Data Research Team




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